How to Save YouTube videos to Google Drive

Save Youtube Videos to Google Drive: Google unveiled a new feature on its data portability Takeout initiative, named Google Takeout which is a data migration tool to handle different types of contents. Adding on to the various features in the list of Google Takeout, Google adds the ability to save YouTube videos to Google Drive. Google drive gives its user a 15GB of free space to store various photos, videos and documents on its cloud securely. We must agree, watching YouTube videos is our favorite pastime, but storing them on our local device requires lots of storage space. The best possible solution is to store them on Google Drive cloud.

The best advantage of using Google Drive is you can save YouTube videos in your required HD format without worrying about the space. Follow the following steps to save YouTube videos to Google drive directly using Google Takeout:

How to Save YouTube videos to Google Drive

Step 1:

The first step involves opening up of Google Takeout page. Open your web browser and in the URL paste the following link.

You will see the below web page in your browser. The products column would show you all the accounts in which you have signed up using your Google account.

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Step 2:

By Default, all the products are selected(as shown by the green ticks). Click on the select none to deselect the all the products to select your desired products

Step 3:

Scroll down and navigate to your YouTube account. Select it by pressing the checkbox option in front of it. Select your preferred options and Click Next to continue

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Step 4:

Once you click on the next button, the following screen will appear. In this page, you can select the format of the file you want to download. The page provides the user an option to choose whether you want to download the file on the local storage of your PC or save it in the cloud.

Now, choose your file type as .zip and archive size dependent upon the approximate size of your YouTube videos.

Step 5:

In the dropdown list of the delivery method you would see four options:

  1. Send Download link via email: You can use this link to share it with any of your friend or colleague who wants to download the backup.
  2. Add to Drive: This option lets you save your backup on your Google Drive account.
  3. To DropBox: You can videos on DropBox account as well, but it offers limited free storage of only 2GB.
  4. To OneDrive: You can save the backup on OneDrive using your Microsoft account, but the storage limit is restricted to 5GB to 10GB.

Since the most suitable option is Google Drive, you can click on Add to Drive option.

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Step 6:

The final step involves clicking on the blue button: Create archive. Google Takeout will process your backup according to the size of videos.

Now click: Open in drive button>YouTube>Videos.

So, you can now download your YouTube videos on Google Drive using Google Takeout by following six simple steps.

Wrap up

That’s it for this tutorial. Now you can save youtube videos to google drive easily using this trick. If you any queries regarding this article please let us know via comments.

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