How to Download videos from Hotstar App-Step by step guide

Download Hotstar videos: Hotstar became one of the most popular streaming apps which allow you to stream your favorite Tv shows, Movies, serials, and news, etc. Hotstar also introduced live stream options for cricket Matches and some tv series like game of thrones(Minutes after America). This App is known for its low data consumption with better quality and video resolutions. Due to this awesome features, it became popular in short time and gained a huge number of viewers.

Although Hotstar allows everyone to Stream movies and serials anytime with working internet connection. But what if you don’t have an internet connection available then your only way to watch them is by downloading hotstar videos.

download hotstar videos

Hotstar supports video downloads without any software or downloading script. It allows you to download hotstar videos from the app itself on your mobile, but it is limited some videos only. Hotstar videos download works just like the youtube offline. It means the downloaded hotstar videos will not be available in the gallery.

Download option is now limited to some videos, but hotstar is extending and enabling download option for many of its videos. So you don’t use any illegal method for downloading hotstar videos which are not recommended. You can follow this step by step guide to download Hotstar videos legal way.

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How to download Hotstar videos from Hotstar App

This Method to download hotstar videos is the official and legal way. By using this method, you can easily download from hotstar without any software

1. First, Download hotstar App latest version from the playstore and install it in your Mobile

2. Now launch the App and Login/signup into Hotsar then search for the video that you are willing to download from hotstar.

3. Open the video and click on the download button to check whether the video is downloadable or not. If the video is not available for download, then it will show “sorry you can’t download this video.”

4. If you the video is available for download then it will show the different video resolution format then click on the format you are willing to download, and the video starts downloading.

Now the downloaded and saved in hotstar App. You can watch it offline whenever you want from the hotstar app.

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Hotstar video download can be done using hotstar video downloader software like hotstarlivestreamer etc. or you can use third-party tools, but hotstar is working to disallow all these methods to download hotstar videos.  Hope you enjoyed this article. Keep visiting.

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