Clash Royale Chest cycle-How does chest cycle work?

In the month of September, Clash Royale release new clash royale Update Introducing Legendary, Epic, Super Chest. After winning a battle, you will get a chest as a reward. A lot of papers how the chests rewarded. Even I am one of them who didn’t understand the concept of clash royale chest cycle and thought chest they are by chance or luck, but they are not. They are assigned to a sequence for rewarding chest after every battle you win, and You can call it as clash royale chest cycle. Each of chest cycle consists of 240 chests, and after completion of the sequence then the cycle restarts.

In whole chest cycle, there are 180 silver chests, 52 golden chests, four giant chests and four magical chests. The rewards you are going to get depends on the Chest arena. Higher the chest arena-higher the chest reward. There is no particular sequence to track legendary and super magical chests; They drop randomly during chest cycle. I have mentioned the drop rate of super magical and legendary chests below in FAQs section, do check if you have any confusion about the drop rate of this chests. You can have a look at Beginners guide to chest cycle for more information about chest Boxes. Download Clash Royale App from here

Clash Royale Chest Cycle

Clash Royale Chest Cycle
Cycle Cycle orderChest TypeChest Open time
1Silver3 hrs
2Silver3 hrs
3Silver3 hrs
4Gold8 hrs
5Silver3 hrs
6Silver3 hrs
7Gold8 hrs
8Silver3 hrs
9Silver3 hrs
10Silver3 hrs
11Silver3 hrs
12Magic12 hrs
13Silver3 hrs
14Silver3 hrs
15Gold8 hrs
16Silver3 hrs
17Silver3 hrs
18Silver3 hrs
19Gold8 hrs
20Silver3 hrs
21Silver3 hrs
22Silver3 hrs
23Silver3 hrs
24Gold8 hrs
25Silver3 hrs
26Gold8 hrs
27Silver3 hrs
28Silver3 hrs
29Silver3 hrs
30Silver3 hrs
31Gold8 hrs
32Silver3 hrs
33Silver3 hrs
34Silver3 hrs
35Silver3 hrs
36Gold8 hrs
37Silver3 hrs
38Silver3 hrs
39Gold8 hrs
40Silver3 hrs
41Silver3 hrs
42Silver3 hrs
43Silver3 hrs
44Gold8 hrs
45Silver3 hrs
46Silver3 hrs
47Gold8 hrs
48Silver3 hrs
49Silver3 hrs
50Silver3 hrs
51Silver3 hrs
52Giant12 hrs
53Silver3 hrs
54Silver3 hrs
55Gold8 hrs
56Silver3 hrs
57Silver3 hrs
58Silver3 hrs
59Gold8 hrs
60Silver3 hrs
61Silver3 hrs
62Silver3 hrs
63Silver3 hrs
64Gold8 hrs
65Silver3 hrs
66Gold8 hrs
67Silver3 hrs
68Silver3 hrs
69Silver3 hrs
70Silver3 hrs
71Gold8 hrs
72Silver3 hrs
73Silver3 hrs
74Silver3 hrs
75Silver3 hrs
76Gold8 hrs
77Silver3 hrs
78Silver3 hrs
79Gold8 hrs
80Silver3 hrs
81Silver3 hrs
82Silver3 hrs
83Silver3 hrs
84Magic12 hrs
85Silver3 hrs
86Silver3 hrs
87Gold8 hrs
88Silver3 hrs
89Silver3 hrs
90Silver3 hrs
91Silver3 hrs
92Gold8 hrs
93Silver3 hrs
94Silver3 hrs
95Gold8 hrs
96Silver3 hrs
97Silver3 hrs
98Silver3 hrs
99Gold8 hrs
100Silver3 hrs
101Silver3 hrs
102Silver3 hrs
103Silver3 hrs
104Gold8 hrs
105Silver3 hrs
106Gold8 hrs
107Silver3 hrs
108Silver3 hrs
109Silver3 hrs
110Silver3 hrs
111Gold8 hrs
112Silver3 hrs
113Silver3 hrs
114Silver3 hrs
115Silver3 hrs
116Gold8 hrs
117Silver3 hrs
118Silver3 hrs
119Gold8 hrs
120Silver3 hrs
121Silver3 hrs
122Silver3 hrs
123Silver3 hrs
124Gold8 hrs
125Silver3 hrs
126Silver3 hrs
127Gold8 hrs
128Silver3 hrs
129Silver3 hrs
130Silver3 hrs
131Silver3 hrs
132Magic12 hrs
133Silver3 hrs
134Silver3 hrs
135Gold8 hrs
136Silver3 hrs
137Silver3 hrs
138Silver3 hrs
139Gold8 hrs
140Silver3 hrs
141Silver3 hrs
142Silver3 hrs
143Silver3 hrs
144Gold8 hrs
145Silver3 hrs
146Gold8 hrs
147Silver3 hrs
148Silver3 hrs
149Silver3 hrs
150Silver3 hrs
151Gold8 hrs
152Silver3 hrs
153Silver3 hrs
154Silver3 hrs
155Silver3 hrs
156Gold8 hrs
157Silver3 hrs
158Silver3 hrs
159Giant12 hrs
160Silver3 hrs
161Silver3 hrs
162Silver3 hrs
163Silver3 hrs
164Gold8 hrs
165Silver3 hrs
166Silver3 hrs
167Gold8 hrs
168Silver3 hrs
169Silver3 hrs
170Silver3 hrs
171Silver3 hrs
172Gold8 hrs
173Silver3 hrs
174Silver3 hrs
175Gold8 hrs
176Silver3 hrs
177Silver3 hrs
178Silver3 hrs
179Gold8 hrs
180Silver3 hrs
181Silver3 hrs
182Silver3 hrs
183Silver3 hrs
184Gold8 hrs
185Silver3 hrs
186Gold8 hrs
187Silver3 hrs
188Silver3 hrs
189Silver3 hrs
190Silver3 hrs
191Giant12 hrs
192Silver3 hrs
193Silver3 hrs
194Silver3 hrs
195Silver3 hrs
196Gold8 hrs
197Silver3 hrs
198Silver3 hrs
199Gold8 hrs
200Silver3 hrs
201Silver3 hrs
202Silver3 hrs
203Silver3 hrs
204Magic12 hrs
205Silver3 hrs
206Silver3 hrs
207Gold8 hrs
208Silver3 hrs
209Silver3 hrs
210Silver3 hrs
211Silver3 hrs
212Gold8 hrs
213Silver3 hrs
214Silver3 hrs
215Gold8 hrs
216Silver3 hrs
217Silver3 hrs
218Silver3 hrs
219Gold8 hrs
220Silver3 hrs
221Silver3 hrs
222Silver3 hrs
223Silver3 hrs
224Gold8 hrs
225Silver3 hrs
226Gold8 hrs
227Silver3 hrs
228Silver3 hrs
229Silver3 hrs
230Silver3 hrs
231Giant12 hrs
232Silver3 hrs
233Silver3 hrs
234Silver3 hrs
235Silver3 hrs
236Gold8 hrs
237Silver3 hrs
238Silver3 hrs
239Gold8 hrs
240Silver3 hrs


clash royale chest cycle


This list is the sequence of clash royale chest cycle and Track your place in the cycle by the sequence of the chest you are getting for every battle you win. This cycle starts after player winning 400 trophies in the clash royale. Here we have provided the chest order in table format and Image format which will make your tracking easier.

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Chest cycle in clash Royale for Legendary and Super Magical chests

Now it’s a lot easier to track Gold, Silver, magic and giant chests but Legendary and super magical chest are non-trackable. You only get legendary, epic and Super magical chest by chance. They may get dropped at any point of chest cycle.

How to get Legendary Chest

How to get legendary chest is the first question a lot of players have asked all the time. Legendary Chests can drop anytime in the chest cycle. I,e you will get the one legendary chest at any point of time in the chest order, but you need to stay in arena 9 for getting one legendary chest. If the player falls into the lower arena during the chest cycle, then chest drop rate will decrease to one chest for two cycles.

How to get Super magical chest

Just like legendary chest, Super magical chest follows the same pattern of dropping chests during chest order. One super magical chest will drop in 2 chest cycle. The chances of getting two super magical chests per 1000 battles you win.

Wrap up of clash royale chest cycle

Clash royale chest cycle is pre-determined, and chest order will not change incomplete cycle. Here are some important things to be noted before ending this article.

  • You should have at least 400 trophies to start clash royale chest cycle
  • Chest order will not stop or reset even if you are dropping below 400 trophies.
  • If you won legendary or SM chest during chest cycle, then it will be replaced by the chest in the order.

If you have any questions regarding the clash royale chest cycle then please leave a comment or contact us.

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