Best iOS Emulator For Android To Run iOS Apps On Android

Run iOS Apps On Android: Android phones are rapidly growing with all the latest features at a low price. Although being an android user but still I can’t take my heart out of Apple devices that are not affordable. If you are a die-hard fan of android like me and want to use Ios apps on Android, then you are in the right place. Yes, you read that right. You can run iOS on Android without rooting with a proper iOS emulator for Android.

 How to Run iOS emulators for Android

iOS emulator for Android

Android and Apple became the biggest competitors in the mobile world giving no chance to other companies. They have got their fandom with no regrets. There are millions of apps are being developed, and they are compatible with both Android and iPhone. Both Android and iOS runs use the same ARM software which makes Android Apps run on both Android and iOS.  There are some apps that are quite famous on their platform, but they are not designed to run on other platforms.

Features of iOS Emulators for Android

  • iOS emulators are free and Easy to Download and Install
  • iOS emulator can convert your low-cost Android mobile into the iOS device
  • You can download and install iOS Apps on an Android device easily.
  • It Can be able to run all iOS Apps on Android without any glitch or lag.
  • User experience: Best iOS emulator for Android gives you a feeling of using a real iOS device.

Top iOS Emulator for Android no Root

Cider apk ios emulator for android

If you are obsessed with Apple iOS and want to lay your hands on iOS apps without spending extra bucks to buy a high-priced iPhone, Cider apk aka Cycada apk is practically the best free option you have. Cider android apk is an iOS Emulator that enables your smartphone to install iOS apps even on the Android ecosystem. For game freaks, this app is an excellent way to play some exclusive iPhone games even before they are released on Google Play Store.

To install this app, grant permission first-

For Stock Android

  • Go to Settings>>Security>>Allow installation of apps from unknown sources

For Xiaomi phones

  • Go to Settings>>Additional settings>>Privacy>>Allow installation of apps from unknown sources

You can run almost all iPhone apps including the games using Cycada app on your Android. Cider apk also comes as a relief for iOS app developers who can run and test their iPhone apps on their Android device without any hassle.

Although you can experience some applications like GPS, Cameras, sensors are not working as it is a project in development. It can still be your best shot at trying the look and feel of iPhone apps. It is a straight forward emulator app with no in-app purchases or any hidden costs.

Cider apk direct download

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iEMU Apk

iEMU apk aka Padiod is one of the best iOS simulators to run iPhone Apps on your Android smartphone. It has been tried and tested multiple times by many Android experts for its reliability and capability to play almost all iPhone apps. It comes packed in a lightweight size of a mere 61 MB, however, to run this app successfully without any lag on your Android smartphone or tablet you will need to close some background apps (if any) to free up the RAM.

To run Padiod app on your Android device, you need to have Android 2.3 at least or later with a minimum of 512 MB RAM (Recommended: 1 GB or more)

To install this apk, first of all, grant permission by going to Settings>Security and checking the “Allow installation from unknown sources” box.

Padiod is a great app for iOS app developers that helps them test and analyze the performances of their apps. iEMU ios emulator apk supports installing .ipas & .zip files. It is only a RAM hogging application otherwise you can use the full functionality of your smartphone hardware like a Camera, GPS, Sensors.

iEMU apk is not yet available as an emulator for PC. However, you can try it using the Bluestacks; an Android emulator for PC. This emulator is free of cost without any hidden charges.

iEMU apk direct download

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How to Run iOS Apps On Android With iOS Emulators

  1. Download any best ios emulator for android that you willing to install on your android mobile.
  2. After installing cider apk or iEMU apk, Launch the app.
  3. Now just click to “Install the emulator on Android.”
  4. An app will be installed in the name of Padiod on the homepage
  5. Open Padiod App and start using the iOS Apps on Android.

Words for author

Many people you can afford iPhone can it give a try to iOS emulator for Android. It is easy to install and can Run ios apps on Android without a hustle. Best iPhone emulators like cider and iEMU work great without any lag. I tried and above apps, which are working great if your mobile fulfills its requirements. Just download this iOS emulator for Android and enjoy the experience of using an iPhone on Android. If you any question to ask, leave a comment below

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